Jericho Ride

2nd Thief MM - Pastor GShenandoah Valley, Virginia

Exorcists MM - BarnabusHaverhill, MA

Place Of The Skull MM - BarnabusPlaistow, NH

Bikers For Christ MM - Tony Wingman - Tampa, FL

Prodigals Redeemed MC - JohnO - Houston, TX

Prodigals Redeemed MC - Tank - North Dallas, TX

Lighthouse Church of Amarillo - Brady - Amarillo, TX

Prodigals Redeemed MC - Jeremiah - San Marcos, TX

His Calling Revelation Motorcycle Music Ministry - Joe M - Chino, CA 

Full Throttle Motorcycle Ministry (Duke City) - Roscoe - Albuquerque, NM

Unleashed Spirits MM - Deanna - St Charles, MO