Want to Hosting A Ride in your City?

We want to have cities around the world hosting rides at the same time. If your interested in hosting one in your area just fill out the form to the right. >>>>> Also read below first. It's a FREE event.

It's a very simple & effective concept and we would love to have you join us. Read below & learn more.

Here Is How We Do It:

It easy & it's FREE, every city regardless of size has a loop or a freeway that goes around the city if not ride from one city to another.

Houston, we have the 610 Loop. ( A freeway that circles the city. ) A Hosting group will need to pick a start & ending point for the ride like a park or church maybe a restaurant it's up to you.

10: 00 am all riders enter the freeway from where-ever they want to and while riding the loop, pray over your city. Folks can ride in groups, in Houston we have multi-groups so your going one way you might see another group going the other way. 

If everyone enters the freeway at the same time regardless of direction or where they enter, the ending-point after you made the loop will be a park or where-ever you designate. If everyone start at the same time regardless of where you start you end about the same time.

Once at the ending point, give other rides a chance to arrive and then have a time of Corporate prayer, Food & Fellowship, remember it's all about Jesus. 

( Matthew 18:20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” )

We will see Breakthroughs & Transformation in your cities and our nation. God Hears Prayer!!! Enjoy a day of prayer & fellowship.


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